Time Attendance Series Of Ronald Jack

Time technology development as today, the timekeeper has become an important device for almost all businesses. Especially for small businesses, the timekeeper is an ideal solution. A timekeeper is a device capable of recording the correct time information of each person through the confirmation of information on the device. So the current status of household attendance is not possible. Especially the situation of cheating time to go home late will definitely not exist anymore.

The attached management software system helps the system administrator as well as the company extract, query data quickly, stably and create high efficiency in the work. To help you understand the timekeeper and choose the right machine for your company or business, Robaldjack would like to offer some of the following characteristics:

Timekeeper includes:

– Timekeeper paper card.

– Fingerprint time attendance, magnetic card, password.

– Fingerprint time attendance, magnetic card, password. (Integrated door control)

– Time attendance recognition machine.

a) For paper card timekeeper:

– With the paper card timekeeper, the initial cost is low, simple to use, no need for a computer or software to use paper cards to time, must print paper cards every month.

– The machine can manage 250 employees and has the function to automatically change the color of ink when you are late for work or leave early to save staff management time.


b) For fingerprint time attendance machines or magnetic cards:

– Includes a device to read fingerprints or magnetic cards … Timekeeper connected to a computer with Ronaldjack timekeeping software installed to help connect and process employee timekeeping data.

c) For timekeeper cum access control:

– Includes components: access control readers, door latching systems, computer management software.

– Normal door latch system is closed. Each employee will be registered for an access (fingerprint, memory card, password …). Every time they come in and out of controlled areas, they have to use that right (swipe cards, print fingerprints …). Information from the reader is sent to the management software on the computer, which checks the validity of the visitor. If valid, send the opening order to the door latching system. If not, a notification will be returned to the reader (incorrect access …)

d) For face recognition time attendance machines:

– Face time attendance machine helps to improve timekeeping, reducing waiting time for crowded workers

– Extremely easy identification just by looking at the machine that you can time attendance or door opening control for access control systems …

Specifications to consider when buying timekeeper

– Timekeeping type: fingerprint / magnetic card / paper card / face.

– Ability to manage (how many fingerprints, how many cards, how many faces) and memory capacity (how many records can be stored). – User density: due to time always limited, such as about 15 ‘before starting work. During this period, if the dot is fingerprinted, one dot can be 150 people (speed 6s / person), if you mark the card, it will be 450 people (2 seconds / person).

– Connect to the computer via RS232 / USB / COM port. Retrieve data via computer.

– Timekeeper power and storage capacity when power failure occurs.

– Fingerprint recognition speed, face, … (usually from 0.5 – 3s).

– Origin timekeeper. In the process of supporting customers, we realize that many companies have difficulty finding a timekeeper that has enough prestige, good capacity and really professionalism to put their trust in using the product. . Especially with attendance software, and after sales support.

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