Choose the appropriate electronic lock for each door with different materials

Choose the appropriate electronic lock for each door with different materials

If the door is an indispensable part of the house, the door lock is an indispensable component for each door. But choosing the right door lock is not everyone knows, and often tends to buy, buy according to the sellers’ advice. Therefore, the following article will summarize all the ways to choose a suitable door lock for a beautiful and safe house.

In order to choose the right Electronic Lock product, you need to know what kind of door you are using. There are three main groups of doors today: wooden doors, aluminum doors, and tempered glass doors. Each group of doors will have its own dedicated lock.

Ronald Jack offers all kinds of electronic locks to suit all the needs of our customers. Come to us you are consulted wholeheartedly. We help you choose the most satisfying products.

Electronic locks for wooden doors:

Requirements to install electronic door locks with handles are:

  • The door puzzle is over 9cm wide
  •  Door thickness over 3.5cm

Once you have chosen the type of lock to be installed, the customer switches to the functional option. Currently, electronic door locks have the following functional groups:

  • Magnetic card lock

  • Lock by fingerprint and code
  • Lock with magnetic card and code

  • Key only codes
  • Lock integrates 3 functions of fingerprint lock, magnetic card and code

The advantages of this wooden door lock are:

+ The fingerprint door lock is convenient, fast and highly secure. But it is only suitable for households with stable demographics. The members are little changed.

+ Magnetic card lock is a bit inconvenient. But it meets the requirement of frequent demographic changes.

Lock for aluminum and glass doors


Glass door locks are handleless door locks, which are attached to the handles of two doors. Glass door locks are usually provided with a passcode and magnetic card. Very suitable for installing in business offices.

This type of door has a very small puzzle, so it is only possible to install a lock without handle. A common option is to add an old mechanical lock to the top. The old mechanical lock that comes with the door functions only as a handle to open and close the door.

Lock fitting for tempered glass door

Electronic door locks – glass door locks for tempered glass doors currently have only two main groups:

  • Fingerprint lock, magnetic card and code

  • Lock the magnetic card and code

Or divide it into the following two groups:

  • Key integrated with remote control (Remote)
  • The key cannot be integrated with the remote

The advantages of these types of electronic keys are:

  • Exquisite compact design with lines. Details are designed in the most meticulous and meticulous manner.
  • High rust resistance is made of stainless steel material that covers the outside surface. And coated with anti-rust powder coating. Helps to lock the glass door from rust during operation.

  • Absolute safety: the screws are arranged in all major clamping positions. To be able to help lock the grip on the glass so that it is difficult to come off. The plastic cheeks have high friction and very smooth, ensuring safety when the glass is pressed against.
  • The locking latch is intelligently designed when the lock is installed deep into the floor. Helps combat cracking and increases safety while homeowners are away.
  • Excellent aesthetics with stainless steel materials with modern designs. Products have brought elegance, modernity and sophistication to your home.

With the desire to bring many options for customers to meet each need of use. LogicBUY Company always updates the latest line of genuine glass door locks, electronic locks to send to customers from famous brands such as Ronald Jack with Malaysian technology, Aikyo with Japanese technology, Heute with German technology.

Like the glass door locks, tempered glass door locks play a very important role. In ensuring the safety of people and property in the family. So the tempered glass door lock is an indispensable part of the glass door.