F18 timekeeper genuine

Timekeeper Ronald Jack F18 is a typical model of the time line Ronald Jack – a brand from Malaysia. Ronald Jack F18 is an improved fingerprint and card reader so that in addition to using for attendance purposes, it can also be used for access control (Access control), ensuring safety and high security for businesses in Vietnam today. The fingerprint feature on Ronald Jack F18 is based on the fastest algorithms that use high quality optical fingerprint sensor and good durability. It can be used flexibly, independently, and can be connected to any auxiliary reader that supports the 26-bit Wiegand connector

✅Attendance software genuine Ronald Jack – Ronald Jack F18 manages card data, fingerprint data of employees. We can download fingerprint data, card data to a computer automatically or manually. This data is completely uploaded to the timekeeper in case of changing machines or need to transfer data to other machines of the same type for a company or factory that uses multiple timekeepers.

– Ronald Jack F18 Timekeeper using timekeeping software Ronald Jack. Vietnamese timekeeping software uses unicode font to use Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, 32 and 64

– Ronald Jack software is a free timekeeping software connected to the timekeeper under the standards of RS232 / RS485, USB host and RJ45 (LAN, WAN. We can use IP or domain name)

– Ronald Jack software manages time based on recorded time from timekeeper. We retrieve public tables by employee code, by department, and by time period

Identification of genuine timekeeper Ronald Jack F18

– Fingerprint timekeeper and door control F18 is warranted for 18 months.

– When buying a Ronald Jack timekeeper, there will be basic information and accessories included such as: Ronald Jack warranty stamp, Ronald Jack warranty card, Ronald Jack DVD disc, Ronald Jack software included with the purchase

– The stamp identifies the product with the Ronald Jack logo printed on the main stamp on the timekeeper, secondary stamps on the box.

– Products are warranted across the country, according to the address of the warranty center in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang

– Sales invoice is issued from Ronald Jack Vietnam Co., Ltd.

– Ronald Jack F18 Timekeeper is invoiced according to the model’s name: Ronald Jack F18 Fingerprint Timekeeper