Criteria to Buy Appropriate Time Attendance Machine

Fingerprint timekeeper has many types, many brands and different origins, but the most popular is the popular series of Ronald Jack. The brand is officially imported and distributed in Vietnam through LogicBUY distributors. With over 30 years of experience in the market, Ronald Jack has been present at most of the major agencies, organizations and businesses throughout Vietnam.

On the market there are many types of timekeeper with a variety of sizes, brands, different colors. So users are difficult to choose the right type of timekeeper.

Especially, the demand for fingerprint time attendance machine is very popular because of its efficiency, convenience and durability. popular machines such as Ronald Jack, Adel, Vigilance, Wise eye, Silicon, Hitech, Adel, Sunbeam, Robotron, HIP …

Typically, the general line of fingerprint time attendance machines use sensor readings, the higher types use optical sensor readings (Optical Sensor). The reading eye is one of the most important parts of a fingerprint reader.

Regarding the function of the fingerprint reader, we should note that there are 2 lines: Attendance only or Attendance and access control.

Fingerprint Time Attendance function, the only task is to record the time of entry and exit of each ID to handle the timesheets. Access control is the type of attendance and access control. add function to open and close doors (with electronic lock slot, auxiliary reader, exit button …) The system of attendance, access control using fingerprint includes 2 main components: Fingerprint reader Manual and Management Software for data processing and report printing.

Therefore, before choosing the right type of machine, users should clearly determine the management needs at their unit to get the most suitable solution. hands will be very clear when the user answers the following questions:

1. Consideration between timekeeping technologies: Paper card, magnetic card, fingerprint? Expected cost ? Why choose that technology ?

2. Need only need time attendance In / Out or even door control?

3. How does your company model and field of operation: Offices, factories, how much NV? What is your model?

4. How do report data requirements need to be printed? What management information your boss needs to have

5.How many doors, how many shifts, the number of NV in / out at the same door like?

Attendance and access control systems are quite complex, it is a combination of both hardware and software, a combination of machines and professional satisfaction management in each company, is a system that installed and operated on the basis of computers, is the work processing and support system for personnel managers.