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Today, the Face Time Attendance is a modern and modern day timekeeper with facial recognition technology. The fastest time attendance and recognition device just look at the machine, you can manipulate timekeeping or control the entrance of the office. Face timekeeper helps to manage employees automatically and create a professional working environment when you implement our automatic timekeeping system.

AIKYO IFACE 302 has the advantage of both face control and fingerprint control, improving the security of the business. synthesized … exported to Excel file for salary calculation.


  • High security, minimizing the attendance.

  • Overcoming the disadvantages of common timekeeping machines, such as the situation where employees forget their cards; torn paper cards, out of ink (for timekeeper with cards); reader is blurred, scratched (for timekeeping with fingerprints),….
  • Integrated many modern features, fast processing speed

Feature :

– Manage up to 3000 faces & 10,000 fingerprints, 10,000 cards.

– Using US Intel processor chip

– Use a new generation of anti-scratch Sensor.

– Memory capacity 200,000 IN / OUT

– Integrated sound. Alarm clock in, out, overtime….

– Connect to your computer via TCP / IP, USB, U-Disk, Cloud Wifi

– Display name of timekeeper on the machine.

– Fast processing speed <1s / 1 time attendance.

– Combined using fingerprint & face

– High security, display English & Vietnamese

– The software to manage employee names, fingerprint numbers, detailed & general hours … is exported to an Excel file for salary calculation …

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