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Bộ sản phẩm kiểm soát cửa ra vào Ronald Jack T8 là bộ sản phẩm kết hợp giữa đầu đọc vân tay T18 và hệ thống khóa cửa điện tử để kiểm soát cửa ra vào. Bộ sản phẩm hướng đến nhóm khách hàng là các văn phòng công ty vừa và nhỏ, với nhóm khách hàng này thường có số lượng nhân viên dưới 100 người và thường có nhu cầu chấm công và kiểm soát ra vào trên cùng 1 thiết bị.

Chú ý: Giá trên chưa bao gồm VAT, công lắp đặt và các tùy chọn nâng cao khác


The Ronald Jack T8 Door Control Kit is a combination of T18 fingerprint reader and electronic door lock system to control doors. The product line is targeted at small and medium corporate offices, with this group of customers typically employing less than 100 employees and often need timekeeping and access control on one device.

Package includes:

  • T8 timekeeper: is responsible for managing employee information (including employee ID, employee fingerprints, door opening password, door access …), recording the entrance time of each employee. machine memory and electronic door lock control.
  • Electronic door lock: It is responsible for fixing the door, not allowing the door to be opened without the signal to allow the door to be opened from the T8 timekeeper.

  • Exit button: is responsible for unlocking the door from inside the control door without needing to open the door fingerprint.

  • Remote push button: is responsible for unlocking the door from inside the control door with push button without fingerprint opening.

  • 12VDC power source: is responsible for converting from 220VAC to 12VDC for the working system.
  • RJ45 network cable: is responsible for connecting a LAN for the F18 reader to communicate with the computer used when downloading timekeeping data in and out.

  • Wires: used to power the whole system.

  • Support system: depending on the type of lock and the type of door that is installed with the control system, there will be accessories attached to be able to securely fix the locking system to the door. Usually, the upper bracket will be used if the lock is used and the upper wall is glass.
  • Other advanced options: The system has many advanced options to suit actual needs, these options are not obvious and you can refer to the advanced options section below.




Timekeeper T8

– Luxurious style

– Supports both fingerprint and magnetic card verification

– Management includes 3000 fingerprints, 3000 touch cards and 3000 passwords

– Large access history up to 100,000 times

– Connection to the center via Lan standard makes it easy to integrate with the system without requiring any converters

– Display display for easy usability


Key words

– Material of stainless steel, the key is made of high quality hard aluminum

– 280kg holding force

– Size 250 * 47 * 25.5mm

Voltage 12VDC Static current: 400mA

– Compatible: wooden door; metal door …

ZL bowl

– Material Aluminum oxide

– Fitted for types such as wooden doors

Exit button

– Durable

– Material: plastic (white) 12VDC input voltage

– Load voltage 3A @ 36VDC Max

12VDC -2.5A power supply for the machine



The product set is used to control doors of offices, doors of departments, doors of factories, doors of warehouses …

Note: The above prices do not include VAT, installation and other advanced options


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