Ronald Jack introduces Security Control Solution Standard 4.0

Ronald Jack introduces Security Control Solution Standard 4.0

In recent years, Vietnam shows that the urbanization is taking place strongly in big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Can Tho …, bringing the demand for use. living space, utilities, in commercial centers, buildings, apartments … make it difficult to control the amount of people entering / leaving freely. Makes the risks of insecurity and safety very high.

To meet the above demand, security control systems have been introduced, allowing the control of the number of people, vehicles in, out, and property … in controlled areas.

The foundation of the security control system is the Access Control system, which is one of the most commonly used systems today for restricting access to certain areas. There are many technologies used in access control solutions, but the most popular are the two technologies:
+ Magnetic card technology (RFID technology).
+ Fingerprint technology.
+ Face detection technology.
+ Technology by numeric keypad.
+ Identification technology via AI Camera.

In addition, to increase the monitoring capabilities, access control systems also incorporate interlocking such as video recording cameras, timekeeping systems, video door phone systems, and intelligent magnetic locking systems. Famous brands in integrated solutions developed by LogicBUY Company include: Ronald Jack, Aikyo, Heute, Zando, Vivitek, Aver …

The components and operating principles of the Access Control access control system developed by LogicBUY The components of the security control system developed by LogicBUY include:

1. Central processing unit: It is responsible for storing historical data as well as controlling peripheral such as magnetic lock, emergency button.

2. Card reader, fingerprint reader, keyboard send signals to the central device. For small systems the central processor and head are integrated together.

3. Magnetic lock for door: controlled by central processor.

4. The Exit button is located inside the control area.

5. Camera AI system, Doorbell with video.

6. Signal conversion modules.

7. Management software allows setting parameters for the system, monitoring the system, accessing statistical data and reporting.

Security control system operating principles: Access to an area equipped with an access control system must be granted access. This permission is managed via ID for systems using magnetic card, fingerprint or a password. The entire log-in history of that ID is stored on the system for querying, or can be used to combine timekeeping, identification and detailed analysis of visitors. To find out details about Security Control solutions, you can contact LogicBUY Technology Joint Stock Company Solution Center, we will come to survey and advise you the most suitable and effective solution. .