Why choose Ronald Jack door control machine?

Why choose Ronald Jack door control machine?

Where does the Ronald Jack brand come from?

Ronald Jack is a famous brand of security equipment originating from Malaysia such as: fingerprint timekeeper, electronic door lock and door control device … Ronald Jack brand has achieved steady progress and confirm its position in the market. Ronald Jack products are trusted by many consumers thanks to their ownership: smart features, modern designs, diverse models.

– Almost all models of Ronald Jack time attendance machines are designed with features suitable for many industries and fields of operation in businesses.

– The readers use modern and optimal timekeeping methods that are fingerprints, cards and faces

– Ronald Jack is a brand that produces low-cost products so that not only large businesses but even small businesses can choose their products.

Ronald Jack will give 5 typical reasons that businesses should use time attendance and door control:

  1. There is no need to use the keys every time they go in / out but still ensure the safety of the departments.

  2. There is no need to wait or hand over the keys when someone leaves early late.

  3. Set up the working time in / out for the monitoring area to each employee. Combine the staff working time management professionally.

  4. Report in detail all happening / entering by location, by time, by individual, by department … for timekeeping management, security management.

  5. Create a professional and modern working environment, thereby improving the working awareness of employees in the company.

The access control device is integrated with the function of timekeeping, or just with the door control function simply depending on the needs of the user, but using the equipment with different functions.

– Access control at the housing office: Using an alternative to traditional locks, a control device is installed at the entrance using fingerprint or password identification. The device is compact and luxurious, the material is difficult to damage or break easily. The security of the device is quite high, when an intruder or sabotage the device will send an alarm signal, or send information to the linked device.

– Elevator control for office buildings: Usually use magnetic card identification. Users need a magnetic card to open the elevator doors.

Timekeeper cum door controller

– Modern and compact design and technology are very suitable for door installation. Need to control the entrance of the company office, the gate of the business, the factory, the factory…

– Fingerprint management system with modern, convenient number of fingerprints for management can be up to 3,000 marks.

The Ronald Jack access control device includes the following:

– Control access by fingerprint

– Control access by magnetic card

– Control access to detect face

– Control the elevator

– Control the doors

– …


  • Water-resistant design with absolute and high-precision fingerprint reader.
  • Fingerprint identification in 1s
  • Store 1,500 fingerprints to 3,000 and 100,000 to 200,000 in-and-out transactions.

  • Support mode using both fingerprint and card

  • Access control system is connected to the computer. Check and manipulate data easily, anytime. Meet the application to serve the security management, reporting and statistics of access. Timekeeping at the beginning and ending time of all objects in and out. Depends on the company’s management purposes.
  • Fingerprint access control system does not happen in attendance, or loss of card …… .. Just confirm the entry and exit time by fingerprint of each employee of the company.
  • There is no cost to buying cards, every time a new employee or card is lost.

Brand Ronald Jack with timekeeper cum door control completely meets the requirements of door control. Ensuring high security, safety as well as timekeeping function for employees. Ronald Jack is proud to be the No. 1 distributor of genuine products of major brands.

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