Top 3 most purchased time attendance devices with integrated door control

Top 3 most purchased time attendance devices with integrated door control

Timekeeping machine is increasingly improved with more preeminent features, meeting the increasing needs of businesses. In particular, it can be said that the most popular feature is both time attendance and access control integration. Not only helps businesses synthesize exact working hours to calculate salaries for employees, but also is a kind of door lock, every time you want to go in or out the company must press a card or fingerprint, increasing maximum security for the business. 

LogicBUY would like to introduce the top 3 products of DOOR INTEGRATED SWITCHING MACHINE to be bought the most.

1. Timekeeper Ronald Jack T8

T8 timekeeping machine is the cheapest control timekeeping machine today. With a compact & elegant design, the T8 timekeeper offers many outstanding benefits such as fingerprint & card access control. 8 is the most economical machine for businesses in reducing costs. employee manager. It can be said that this is a low-cost, high-quality device that is both useful and safe that many businesses need.

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2. Timekeeper Ronald Jack RJ4200

The RJ4200 timekeeper has an eye-catching design with a combination of black and silver that is suitable for many spaces, models of different companies. RJ4200 integrates optimal management features including 5000 fingerprints, 5000 touch cards and 5000 passwords to meet the timekeeping needs of businesses, offices, medium and large enterprises with a large number of employees (50 -300 people). In addition, RJ1200 is supported with battery storage, data retrieval from a distance or over the LAN system. Fingerprint time attendance machine Ronald Jack RJ1200 is warranted 24 months in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards.

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3. Timekeeper Ronald Jack F18

The Ronald Jack F18 Timekeeper is a Maylaysia brand of time attendance and door control. Ronald Jack F18 has a large memory that can store up to 3000 fingerprints, 5000 magnetic cards, with available capacity of 100,000 times. The machine has an integrated open – close Access control system. Therefore, only employees of the company are allowed in and out, minimizing the illegal intrusion of outsiders.

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