Why choose electronic door lock instead of mechanical lock?

Why choose electronic door lock instead of mechanical lock?

In the age of technology. Everything gradually becomes “technological”, making our life better and more meaningful and life more meaningful. Technology and product technology is truly a dramatic change in human history.

One of the technology products that have been widely used is magnetic card door lock, fingerprint door lock. A product that is close to and dear to each of our families. The old door lock is always at the forefront because it is considered the “guard” of the property for your home. Every time we leave the house, we do not forget to lock the door carefully. Losing keys, unlocking our doors makes us feel insecure and unsafe for our property.

Electronic lock is the best choice for every home

Mechanical locks have become outdated compared to electronic door locks?

Using the magnetic card door lock / fingerprint only takes a few seconds to scan the code and open the door automatically quickly. Meanwhile, traditional mechanical locks have to be locked into the lock, screwed up and then pushed or pulled to the door. Door lock is the same with mechanical lock, you must have free hands to perform door opening.

Modern models automatically latch immediately after closing without the need to use your hands. You can completely rest assured that there will be no case of forgetting to lock the key that hackers break into. No longer the scene of carrying a bunch of keys with you when you go out, comfortable and gentle.

The security due to the magnetic / fingerprint card door lock is very high. You will feel the outstanding convenience in daily use of electronic door locks compared to conventional mechanical lock products, so this smart lock product line is increasingly popular and trusted. put. Here, Ronald Jack gives the reasons why should choose an electronic lock instead of a normal mechanical key:

1. Electronic lock is easy to use and convenient

With you just get out of the house and close the door without having to fumble around finding the keys to lock the door like before. When you get home, you do not need to search for keys in your handbag anymore, but only need one very simple operation: put your fingerprint into the reader or magnetic card or enter the code and more specifically, there are some lock lines on the market. There is an additional mobile door opening feature as your door is already open

2. Easy to use very convenient for the elderly and children

Another notable plus point of electronic lock is very convenient for families with the elderly and young children.

3. Save time

Obviously, the mechanical key always takes longer than if you use the electronic lock, it only takes a few seconds for you to unlock the device and you are in your home.

4. The aesthetics

Electronic lock is not only safer, but also has a high aesthetic: glossy and sophisticated lines, with many different designs.

5. Increase the value of your home

Modern technology has taken door control to a new level today. We don’t have to worry every time we go out, we don’t have to carry any keys and it’s not like losing keys. Just a very light “touch” on the card scanning area or the door fingerprint instantly opens to welcome us into the house

Indeed, it’s just a key. But it brings a lot of benefits and makes the house more modern, more secure and the family have a better life. Creating a safer and more comfortable living space. Please contact 0975 580 386