Timekeeping management solutions for production workshops

Timekeeping management solutions for production workshops

Managing employees of production workshops and service industries is always the biggest concern of managers because the labor characteristics of those industries are employees working with irregular shifts and overtime. or work many shifts. To solve that problem, RonaldJack would like to introduce to our customers “Time attendance management solution for the factory”.

Time Attendance and Time Management Solution by Timekeeper: Understand those difficulties, developers have launched Time Attendance Product lines that help companies, businesses, managers … easily respond utilization, personnel management, staff attendance, time control, access … create a professional working environment, effectively, reduce management costs ..

Timekeeper with fingerprint recognition technology, password, touch card, face recognition is manufactured based on advanced technologies, the device’s features meet most of the needs of timekeeping, checking staff control. Long time using the equipment, high stability. Simultaneously meet management for all operating models of Small-Vets-Large businesses with professional timekeeping and management software.

Principle of operation
  • Register new employees with fingerprint, card or password on timekeeper, card reader, fingerprint.
  • When registration is complete, you will have a list of employees and attendance IDs. Then you bring the list of employees who have just registered to report to the software.

  • On the software, you can declare departments, employees, shift … then connect the software to the timekeeper to download data from the timekeeper to the software to export reports

The benefits of timekeeper installation solution for factories and industrial zones
  • Precise control of working time of each employee.
  • Help businesses effectively manage both timekeeping and payroll in a simple and automatic way

  • Help businesses effectively manage both timekeeping and payroll in a simple and automatic way
  • Input and output data will be aggregated to serve timekeeping, work performance evaluation, and improve self-consciousness.

  • Increase the efficiency of labor productivity.
  • Control doors to important areas of manufacturing enterprises such as warehouse, QC department, QA, HR management room, or IT engine room, …

  • Limit access to important areas for individuals according to time frames or time periods of access.

  • Surveillance reports all access to sensitive areas requiring high security control.

  • Against intrusion from outside in, avoid fraudsters to secure the people and assets of the business.

  • Professional work shifts for each worker as well as departments.
  • Integrate with business administration software
  • In order to change and improve the quality of labor management more professionally, please contact and cooperate with

Above is the timekeeping solution for factories and businesses with a complex system of work shifts. You need more specific advice, please contact hotline 0975 580 386 or email: info@logicbuy.vn for advice and support.