Fingerprint management solution for restaurants, hotels, resorts with fingerprints

Timekeeper is a great solution to manage employees for restaurants and hotels. Let’s find out with us through the following article.

With the characteristics of the restaurant – hotel system, it is divided into many shifts in a day with quite complicated time frames, usually each restaurant – the hotel has more than 15 different shifts. The application of timekeeper systems for restaurants – hotels so that there are characteristics that the timekeeping system needs to meet.

The solution to the above problem is to use a fingerprint timekeeper to manage hotel staff. When entering the shift, employees only need to put their fingerprints on the reader to record the time to go to work and at the end of the shift, the staff will continue to put fingerprints on the reader to confirm the end of the shift. Let’s learn about employee management solution for a hotel restaurant with a timekeeper.

Benefits of using: – Increase work efficiency, ensure rules, increase employee morale – Prevent errors in the application of working regulations and increase productivity – Meet different needs for a variety of uses, each location, department and individual. – Paying salary accurately, limiting errors, increasing productivity and pleasing employees – Favorable organization & management, strengthening management speed and control