The human factor is always emphasized in every organization and business, and the task of the leaders in the business is how to select and arrange people with appropriate capabilities and qualities. with each position and bring the best working efficiency.

Therefore, if an enterprise wants to operate well and develop sustainably, it is indispensable for the important role of good managers and directors with professional human resource management capabilities. So what is human resource management? What are the essential skills of a good human resource manager? Follow the article below with Acabiz!

What is Human Resource Management?
Human resource management is an important job directly related to the building and management of human resources in an organization or enterprise. In order to implement human resource management activities in detail and seriously, it is required that the management team of the enterprise must fully converge the necessary human resource management skills, and at the same time regularly forge training to improve human resource management skills.

Human resource management covers all activities and specific tasks such as:

– Analysis of job positions

– Implement activities to recruit new personnel, strengthen the staff in the company

– Develop professional and skill training programs for employees

– Applying a system of salary, bonus and allowance regimes to improve employee working efficiency.

10 essential skills of an HR manager
1. Have professional knowledge

To become a good administrator, you certainly cannot fail to master professional knowledge such as: planning recruitment, building candidate portraits in line with company goals, conducting successful interviews, Forming a set of interview questions to exploit potential candidates, manage company internal information, instruct new employees, …

With professional skills, human resource managers, regardless of working environment, will not have difficulty and easily perform effective people management.

2. Personnel skills
Some of the essential human resource skills that managers or employees operating in the field of human resources must master such as: formulating a human resource management strategy, planning human resource development, setting up a set of organizing machine, planning training, recruiting, setting up a salary and bonus scheme, supporting employees.

3. Job deployment skills
Effective human resource management also depends on the quality of the manager, which is the dedication in the way work is done. Moreover, administrative – human resource people also need to enhance problem analysis skills and good organizational ability to ensure human resources in the organization can develop sustainably and long term.

4. Good communication and persuasion skills
Through good communication skills, HR staff can perform well their roles and tasks, which are collective cohesion and people’s trust. The acumen, ingenuity in communicating with each member of the organization, understanding each person’s personality and expertise, always enthusiastically supporting and giving useful advice to employees, etc. is the way to work. professional administrative staff – human resources today.

Besides, good persuasion ability will help HR managers easily work with employees, persuade to mediate internally or let superiors accept the plans proposed by the administrator. .

5. Can withstand work pressure
Not only those who work in human resources will have to face the pressure of work, but in any career field, they will also face it. Therefore, take the initiative to train yourself with the necessary skills to ensure the job is done most effectively.

6. Quick in handling situations
Managers with exceptional competence must be able to detect and deal with problems effectively. It can be a conflict between employees in the company, between employees and the organization, etc., and if the problems arising in the working process cannot be resolved, the organization will not be able to have The collective connection entails many serious consequences affecting the performance of the organization.

7. Negotiation skills
Negotiation skills are an important skill for human resource workers, especially in cases such as: you have to negotiate a suitable salary for candidates, resolve conflicts, internal disputes, etc.

8. Deploy effective teamwork
In corporate organizations with large staff, you cannot do all the tasks alone or manage all the staff. Therefore, to be able to complete the work, you need to have the support of all departments in the company through teamwork. Make sure that you have good teamwork skills to be able to coordinate smoothly with departments to deploy work smoothly and smoothly.

9. Know how to listen
Regularly listening to members of the organization will help HR managers understand each person most closely and promptly make adjustments to their needs. In addition, effective listening is also a way for managers to promptly detect and provide reasonable solutions to arise problems and unnecessary situations.

10. Understanding people’s psychology
And the last skill that helps you become a good human resource manager is understanding the psychology of others. With this ability, HR staff can accurately assess the capacity of potential candidates, approach and understand the desires of employees in the company to help them solve difficulties and reduce pressure. they are suffering.