Ronald Jack hands over Smart Human Resource Management 4.0 solution to the Vegetarian Restaurant chain

Ronald Jack hands over Smart Human Resource Management 4.0 solution to the Vegetarian Restaurant chain

Last quarter, Ronald Jack Vietnam Company surpassed 5 other contractors and was officially selected as the contractor providing equipment and intelligent human resource management solutions for Moc Nhien vegetarian restaurant chain. .

Products and solutions provided by Ronald Jack Vietnam include: Time attendance and access control system Aikyo A2300, Door lock from Heute for the whole store chain, especially Ronald Jack intelligent human resource management software. 4.0 with full features of remote timekeeping via Phone, reporting function, proposal, advance… right on the phone App. The products and solutions provided by Ronald Jack 4.0 Smart Human Resource Management are the world’s leading technology products used by domestic and foreign corporations such as: Cellmark, Intel, Vietcombank, BIDV, Tiki, V, etc.

Moc Nhien Vegetarian Restaurant with a network throughout Vietnam, with the desire to bring nutritious dishes with processed foods of clear, clean, safe origin and always create peace of mind and satisfaction. interesting, the vegetarian experience is wonderful in every taste. Always changing, creating and refreshing the menu according to customer tastes in each period. Incorporating more modern European touches in the existing traditional menu. Moc Nhien considers Customers as benefactors and friends who bring a good life to each of us

With over 40 years of experience, Ronald Jack is Vietnam’s leading importer of timekeeping, door control, and security control equipment, leading in Southeast Asia in general and Vietnam in particular. Over the years, Ronald Jack has cooperated with the Agent to complete the project with the dedication and enthusiasm of a professional technical team, Ronald Jack has made customers completely satisfied in both quality and construction time as initial request.

Ronald Jack Vietnam ensures to supply all equipment of the package in accordance with the required technical criteria, meeting the correct quantity, type and origin. Ensure all equipment is properly installed, quality, test run and stable operation. The construction and installation work complies with regulations on labor safety, fire prevention and safety and is aesthetically pleasing. Handing over and guiding users to use the equipment is done enthusiastically and in detail.