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Ronald Jack F18

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F18 Finger Print & Access Control is one of the best device to help Human resource department in staff’s working time management. It can make the working reports automatically, reduce time and cost for monthly working staff reports. F18 is not only a Time Attendance but also Access Control Device that keeps companies secure and private highly.



Nowadays, the role of Timekeeper is huge in managing and controlling personnel in companies and factories. Timekeeper can Manage working time of employees, automatically calculate labor for employees, helping personnel to reduce a large amount of paperwork, thus helping businesses save Big costs and resources.

Managing the working time of employees, automatically calculating labor for employees, helping personnel to reduce a large amount of paperwork, thus helping businesses save costs and resources. big. Ronald Jack F18 is both a timekeeper and a door access control, ensuring high safety and security for businesses.

An innovative biometric fingerprint reader for timekeeping and access control applications, it provides performance by using an advanced algorithm that has very precise accuracy and processing speed. Great. The fingerprint feature on the Ronald Jack F18 timekeeper is based on the fastest algorithms that use high quality optical fingerprint sensor and good durability.

It can be used flexibly, independently, and can connect to any auxiliary reader that supports the 26-bit Wiegand connection. The operations are shown on the TFT-LCD screen for high fidelity and sharpness. With very common TCP / IP and RS485 connectivity the machine can be used in different networks.

Ronald Jack F18 with many software enhancements is currently the most popular security timekeeper in Vietnam! Here are some specifications of genuine F18:

– Confirmation time: 1 second

– Timekeeping: 3000 fingerprints, 5000 touch cards

– Memory capacity: 100,000 timekeeping

– Connectivity: RS232 / 485, TCP / IP, USB-host

– Wiegand port connects auxiliary reader

– Mode: Anti passback mode

– Mode set: 50 time zone

– Fingerprint verification error rate <0.1%

– Synchronization: Can synchronize fingerprint data with the timekeeper

– Power supply: 12 VDC, 400mA

– Temperature: 0 -> 45 degrees Celsius

Warning on the market today, there are many F18 models with fake brands and designs. This is an image of genuine Model F18 that customers can identify with the naked eye.
– Genuine Ronald Jack logo
– Ronald Jack product stamp on the back of the device
– Human resource management software Ronald Jack
– Ronald Jack warranty stamp on the product
– 2-year warranty card Ronald Jack Vietnam!




  • Địa chỉ: Tòa nhà PLS Số 282 Chu Văn An, Phường 26, Quận Bình Thạnh, TP HCM.
  • Hotline: 1900 7296 – (028) 38 410 368



  • Name

    Ronald Jack F18

  • Fearture

    Attendance and Access Control

  • Sensor

    High quality, durability and precision.

  • Identify Speed


  • Fingerprint Capacity

    3200 Fingerprint
    5000 Card

  • Record Capacity

    100.000 IN/OUT

  • Communication

    RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB-host
    Wiegand port with Finger reader

  • Function

    Anti-passback System
    50 time zones optional
    Fingerprint verification error rate <0.1%

  • Synchronization

    Synchronizing Fingerprint data with Time Attendance

  • Power Supply

    12 VDC, 400mA

  • Working Temperature

    0oC –> 45°C


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