How to Identify Real Timekeeper Ronald Jack

How to Identify Real Timekeeper Ronald Jack

?Ronald Jack is one of the famous timekeeper brands in Vietnam and around the world with a long history of development, Ronald Jack takes care of each product before bringing it to market. consumer hand. That is why when it comes to timekeeper Ronald Jack, buyers feel absolute peace of mind.

?Currently on the market of counterfeit goods are remade sophisticatedly, details and details are evaluated to be 90% similar, making customers who buy goods feel anxious when they spend money buying timekeeper for the company. or factory yourself. Distinguishing authentic and counterfeit products is extremely difficult if you don’t have the expertise and knowledge.

?Because today we will share how to identify so that customers can self-identify characteristics to be able to buy genuine products:

There is always an anti-counterfeit stamp on the product

Anti-counterfeiting stamps are issued to Ronald Jack Company by the Anti-Counterfeiting Inspection Department to attach to each of its products before canning and leaving the company. When the genuine timekeeper is released to the market, it must have full anti-counterfeiting stamps, the back of the timekeeper is often printed with its specifications and numbers clearly, not blurred or in different colors.

The prices of counterfeit products are very cheap compared to the main product or only half of the main product. In addition, genuine timekeeper products are usually full, raw, with full power cord, cable …

Origin of timekeeper

If it is a genuine product, the genuine Ronald Jack timekeeper on the box always has the manufacturer’s serial number printed on the box or the timekeeper registration number. This serial number is a complete record of all the information you can look up directly on the homepage in great detail and clarity.

With our brief sharing above, we hope that you know how to recognize the difference between fake and genuine products to avoid those poor quality products. gill problems. Thank you for reading and sharing this article by us!

To be assured and do not need to pay attention to the above features customers wishing to contact immediately contact hotline: 0975.580.386 of Ronald Jack Vietnam to buy genuine products.