Should you buy Ronald Jack timekeeper?

Should you buy Ronald Jack timekeeper?

As a famous brand in the timekeeper field, but many people are still quite worried about Ronald Jack. Is the Ronald Jack timekeeper good, should you buy? Ronadl Jack will help you to answer after this article!

The origin of the timekeeper Ronald Jack?

Ronald Jack or Ronald Jack Access Control System means “Ronald Jack Access Control System” this is a famous timekeeper brand in the world originating from Malaysia.

Ronald Jack – Access Control System is the world’s leading brand of labor control equipment, door access control, smart home and security and surveillance systems. In addition Ronald Jack integrated fingerprint recognition function, touch card, face recognition ….

Ronald Jack timekeeper products are always guaranteed for quality, using Intel-made chips with a large memory capacity, bringing many utilities to users.

Should you buy Ronald Jack timekeeper?

Compact and diverse design

Ronald Jack Timekeeper owns a fairly compact design that helps users can arrange installation in any position without affecting the surrounding space.

Quality guaranteed

Ronald Jack’s Timekeeper is manufactured on a modern line capable of lasting performance for a long time, most of which are integrated with batteries to minimize data loss when an electrical problem occurs. out.

In addition, the machine also has the ability to connect to the computer, USB … to help the data processing process take place quickly to ensure the progress for the departments such as accounting, administrative and personnel ….

Easy to use

100% of machines are using Intel chips from the US, providing fast and convenient processing. The readers are equipped with scratch and abrasion resistance, so they are extremely durable.

So fast processing speed takes only a few seconds as employees, workers have been able to complete the timekeeping, which brings many benefits. For the manager of the installation operation, use is also much simpler and more convenient.

Good price

Timekeeper Ronald Jack has a quite diverse price and is also quite suitable for many users. The low-price line ranges from 2-5 million, in addition some high-end models have a price range of 5-15 million.

Genuine Ronald Jack products are distributed by: Ronald Jack Vietnam Company, LogicBUY Company and Dai Phat Company

1. Ronald Jack products must have a silver stamp with a red logo and a Ronald Jack logo break

2. Human resource management software synchronized with the timekeeper are named Ronald Jack

3. Ronald’s official website is or Fanpage: f /

4. Genuine Ronald Jack products are warranted for 2 years

5. Official distributors must have a distribution certificate from Ronald Jack – Malaysia