Ronald Jack Vietnam Company Please Notice

Ronald Jack Vietnam Company has been officially operating since 2016 with the mission of importing, distributing and guaranteeing.

Ronald Jack’s timekeeper, smart door lock device in Vietnam market. Established in Malaysia, Ronald Jack is currently the leading distributor of access control devices.

Ronald Jack in Malaysia authorized Ronald Jack Vietnam to distribute attendance and access control products nationwide with low to high product ranges. Meet the needs of attendance, access control of businesses, factories, restaurants, hotels or cafes, gyms, English centers or schools.

Ronald Jack Vietnam is the leading enterprise in Vietnam specializing in providing solutions, education equipment and timekeeping and labor control solutions. As an importer distributing world famous brands such as Vivitek, Delta, Aikyo, Ronald Jack, Heute, Zando …

To avoid the use of non-genuine timekeeper products, Ronald Jack Vietnam recommends that customers choose products on the website and products with complete identification system, logos, labels and labels. as well as the Vietnameseized Ronald Jack software.