Ronald Jack Brand Time Attendance Machine Vietnam

Ronald Jack is known as the world’s leading timekeeping and security brand based in Malaysia …

Ronald Jack is known as the world’s leading timekeeping and security brand with headquarters in Malaysia and many representative offices around the world. In 2016, Ronald Jack officially opened an office in Vietnam under the model of FDI enterprise based at No. 30A Vo Truong Toan, P2, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City with the function of importing, distributing and officially providing warranty services. Ronald Jack branded products.

In the market of timekeeper machine brand, Ronald Jack door control is trusted by customers because of its good quality, affordable price and effective human resource management software to meet most demands. All the needs of labor management, personnel from 5 to a few tens of thousands of workers in Vietnam.

Popular products of Ronald Jack such as Fingerprint Time Attendance, Magnetic Card Time Attendance, Timekeeper cum door control … The company constantly launches new products with outstanding and special features. Especially IFACE series (face recognition with many modern features suitable for high-class offices, foreign office offices …

The most popular Ronald Jack timekeeper products in Vietnam include: # T8, # F8, # F18, # F19, # RJ1200 # RJ1300, # RJ3200 # RJ3500, # RJ4200 #ICLOCK #IFACE # 2200A # 2200N … these are products in the mid-range segment that meet the needs of timekeeping, labor control from 5 to 5000 employees.

There are many fake and fake Ronald Jack branded products on the market today. To distinguish genuine Ronald Kack products, customers only distinguish the following:

1. The Ronald Jack logo has a beautiful red color on stamps and labels

2. Genuine Ronald Jack has a Product Stamp in white tin stamps with the company logo, on the product stamped Ronald Jack warranty

3. Included accessories include a DVD, warranty card and genuine HR management software Ronald Jack

4. Invoices and vouchers can prove the origin of Ronald Jack products

5. Since 2016, Ronald Jack products are no longer from Malaysia, Ronald Jack products are all manufactured in its factory in China and made in China.

In Vietnam, Ronald Jack was officially imported by RONALD JACK VIETNAM CO., LTD and authorized to distribute by Dai Phat Company, LogicBUY Company. The warranty period for genuine Ronald Jack products is 18 months, product renewal for 3 months is used for all manufacturer’s faults, Ronald Jack software is provided free of charge and support for upgrades and maintenance Lifelong maintenance.