Reasons to use electronic locks instead of mechanical locks

Reasons to use electronic locks instead of mechanical locks

Nowadays, when science and technology are developing, the need for quality of life of people is also increasing and security is one of the issues that any family or business is interested in. . In the past, mechanical lock was a popular choice for most homes and businesses, but today with the advanced development, the electronic lock (fingerprint lock) is becoming the first and most appreciated choice. high because of the safety as well as the convenience of using them.

So why should we choose an electronic lock (fingerprint door lock) instead of a mechanical lock? Let’s find out with Ronald Jack in the content below.

Easy to use and convenient

In the past, when using a mechanical lock, you had to always carry the key with you, if you forget or lose the key, opening the door will be difficult. However, with the electronic lock, you just leave the house and close the door, no need to fumble around finding the key to open / close the door. You just need to put your fingerprint in the reader or magnetic card or enter the passcode and your door is open.

Fingerprint door lock can be installed in many different positions. For example, doors, bedroom doors with a variety of different sizes on many materials of the door. In addition, for companies with many employees, the storage of many fingerprints will help employees in the Company more convenient when opening the door.

Use modern technology

The electronic lock uses encryption and fingerprint authentication methods and also has an alarm function. So the use of the lock is quite secure, giving a sense of peace of mind without fear of key detection, fingerprint tampering, breaking and unlocking.

Electronic lock has a modern design, high aesthetics

Although there are many fancy designs, the electronic lock products always ensure high aesthetics, suitable for all spaces and different areas.

Diversity of models

Electronic lock products are extremely diverse with many different designs, functions as well as price segments. Each electronic lock product will have different features and prices, so you should find out and choose the type of lock that suits your needs.

Electronic locks will be a great investment for and perfect for any home and business. The installation and use of fingerprint door lock is also quite simple and not as complicated as many people think. If you want your business, your home to be more secure and more comfortable, the electronic lock will be the perfect choice.

Above are Ronald Jack’s shares about why we should use electronic keys instead of mechanical locks. If you are interested in this product line, please contact us quickly for more advice.