Notes When Using The Timekeeper

Are you a business or a company? Do you feel that using manual methods to calculate employee recognition is not positive and makes many mistakes? Are you looking for a new solution for managing human resources, managing time and calculating employees? Fingerprint Timekeeper is the most effective choice for you. However, to use the fingerprint timekeeper most effectively, not everyone can do it. Therefore, Ronaldjack would like to summarize for you the note when using the fingerprint timekeeper to bring the best effect.

✅Use clean fingers. There is no dirty or sticky water for the timekeeping to be accurate.

✅ The finger placement operation must be the same as the original registration

✅ Preserve the device, take care of the “fingerprint reading” part very carefully. Avoid scratching the device, and occasionally clean it with a soft cloth to make the unit work better.

✅For special cases such as employees with tinea. Working in an abrasive environment or suffering from skin conditions that are difficult to recognize fingerprints, you should use ID code and combination with the magnetic card to time attendance

✅There are many types of fingerprint time attendance machines that can be installed directly on LAN. This is a very effective method without many additional accessories. However, you should note that the distance from the timekeeper to the nearest switch should be less than 100m to ensure a stable connection.