Top 5 best-selling timekeeper in Vietnam

Top 5 best-selling timekeeper in Vietnam

Timekeeper, a product line that businesses are choosing to be the leading technology application for controlling working hours and payroll for employees in Vietnam and around the world. Currently on the Vietnamese market, there are many different brands of timekeeper, price and quality are also different, so you do not know which one to choose which timekeeper is the best, suitable for your business model. business. If you are wondering whether to choose which brand of timekeeper is most trusted today, please refer to the Top 5 timekeepers that are currently selling the most, you will definitely have these. Product and solution comes with useful, highly effective.

1. Timekeeper Ronald Jack RJ1200 version 2020

With the new version 2020, the RJ1200 timekeeper is upgraded to a more powerful configuration (timekeeping capacity up to 3,000 fingerprints, 3,000 touch cards 3,000 passwords. Memory storage 200,000 transactions), integrated Storage battery from 4h – 6h, remote data retrieval via LAN system, support RS485, USB, TC / IP connection. The new identifier features a catchy look with a combination of black and white silver, 3-inch LCD screen and function keys to give users a friendly feeling, easy to use.

2. Ronald Jack RJ3500 Timekeeper

The model was launched in Vietnam market in early 2020, with a new design suitable for many different spaces with a strong configuration (timekeeping capacity of up to 5,000 fingerprints, 5,000 touch cards, 5,000 Password storage of up to 200,000 transactions) gives users a new and highly effective experience. Ronald Jack RJ3500 is rated as one of the models with high stability, suitable for small and medium businesses.

3. Ronald Jack RJ4200 Timekeeper

Launched in Vietnam at the same time with the model Ronald Jack RJ3500, Ronald Jack RJ4200 is at the forefront with the development of outstanding features that can integrate 2G / 3G / 4G functions, provided that the system will take Connection fee of 2G / 3G / 4G. With this outstanding feature, RJ4200 will be a suitable choice for timekeeping models that need high mobility such as mounting on buses, security companies or construction sites.

4. Ronald Jack F18 Timekeeper

This is probably the model with the longest product life today, with the design of the design seems to have not changed since the first day of sale. In general, the Ronald Jack timekeeper has a stable, balanced design, supports connecting the door system, so it is used a lot in office buildings, small and medium companies that need a control system of saws in and out combination. Timekeeper F18 integrated timekeeping capacity of up to 3,000 fingerprints and 5,000 touch cards support auxiliary reader connection to open the door with fingerprint or time attendance from the inside, TCP / IP connection – USB – RS232 / RS485. Integrated color screen shows employee information when timekeeping.

5. Timekeeper Ronald JacK T8

Ronald Jack T8 integrated access control by fingerprint, magnetic card suitable for companies, modern offices needing high security, with a scale of 5 – 300 employees. Ronald Jack T8 has a capacity of 3,000 fingerprints, 3,000 magnetic cards and 3,000 passwords. Memory stores 100,000 transactions. This product is used a lot thanks to its low price and used by many construction companies.

Above Ronald Jack has introduced to you the Top 5 best timekeeper currently in the Vietnam market. For more information and advice about genuine products, please visit the website: