Advantages And Disadvantages Of Face Fair Timekeeper

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Face Fair Timekeeper

Face timekeeper was born as one of the most modern timekeeping technologies today. They are considered as smart phones that help to accurately recognize the faces registered on the device before.

However, for any device line, there will be its own advantages and disadvantages. So join us to learn the pros and cons of this product line to get the best choice when you need to install timekeeper offline.

The advantages of facial recognition time

1. Absolute security

With the application of the most intelligent and advanced facial recognition technology. Identify both duplicate faces, printed fake 3D faces (laser photo, color / black and white photo), video. You can absolutely feel secure that the status of household timekeeping or errors in timekeeping is absolutely not happening.

Therefore, face timekeeper is always the first choice for areas with high security and confidentiality requirements.

2. Solution for the working environment subject to many external impacts

The face timekeeper is suitable for all different working environments thanks to its face recognition technology.

Especially, choosing the face timekeeper is a great solution for the timekeeping environment with a lot of dirt, grease or fingerprint deformation, abrasion during work. But current timekeeping solutions such as fingerprints or magnetic cards cannot be completely solved.

3. Integrated door control function

With most face timekeeper models today, the manufacturer integrates the control function when combined with electric lock, push button and card reader. This is one of the cost-saving options for businesses when there is a need for time attendance and employee access control.

4. Attendance capacity, large storage memory

This is one of the distinct advantages of this product line that the capacity of the face of the device management and the input and output transactions of the machine is much higher than the time of attendance, fingerprint, magnetic and card identification. paper. Therefore, the face timekeeper is one of the preferred product lines for large-scale timekeeping environment. In particular, the face timekeeper is a top choice for timekeeper installation for today’s project.

5. Cost savings for maintenance and card subscription

Face timekeeper is manufactured with modern processor chip, solid board. You do not need to worry about the fingerprint sensor being faulty or quickly broken like using a fingerprint timekeeper.

In addition, the use of faces to register time attendance saves you a small amount of money when buying a card for employees to use timekeeping. Lost or forgotten card is completely impossible.

6. Diverse product with many different designs

The most common design feature of the face timekeeper is a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing interface suitable for many different spaces. Attendance screens are often touch-designed for easy operation and use.

Disadvantages of face timekeeper

With the algorithm that uses faces to identify itself, so it takes more time to process and analyze than other timekeeping machines. So the time attendance rate is one of the product’s limitations.

However, with face detection technology constantly being innovated and upgraded, the timekeeping time of the machine has been significantly improved. Typical as many lines of Iface company of Aikyo. Aikyo’s Iface product line with fast timekeeping speed, time recognition distance up to 3 meters.

Because the design features of the machine are modern and sophisticated, the price of the timekeeping machine is quite high. This is a limitation of this model compared to the fingerprint timekeeper or magnetic card.

Above are the advantages and disadvantages of face time attendance. Hopefully, customers will have useful information to choose a timekeeper suitable with the needs and actual situation of the business.

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